Henry Burgess-Marshall


Founder & CEO

I founded Maribel because I wanted to blend my care for people with my passion for story-telling. Developing and cultivating relationships with all sorts of people is something that really fires me up, and luckily one of the main focuses of my work. I get to learn the ins and outs of a business, from the bottom up, and translate that to a compelling narrative to share with the world!

My favorite part of the process is being able to grow with a business.  Playing a role in others’ successes is the ultimate feeling. Creating that sense of community between us and our clients is something I always strive for.

Whether working to build out a beautiful digital presence, or hustling sales for a new product launch, I find the most rewarding aspect of this journey is giving. Giving care, time, and most importantly, results for my clients is what drives me everyday.

- HT

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There is nothing more exciting to me than the adventure of starting businesses. From the day to day hustle, to interacting with customers, to strategizing and managing projects, I have grown to love the journey of embarking on ventures and fostering relationships in a variety of environments.

What I enjoy most is wading my way through complex situations to find mutually beneficial outcomes for everyone. It is so rewarding to be able to provide tangible value to clients, while also learning the ins and outs of their industry and building lasting connections. 

Working with Maribel has provided the opportunity to participate in the adventures of starting and running businesses every day. I am driven by the collaboration, the contagious resilience of the founders we work with, and the emotional satisfaction of delivering results for our clients.